Uptown @ Farrer Near to Healthcare Systems Low Keng Huat

With the current estate development-epidemic taking the world by storm, new estate development projects are rapidly gaining ground like never before. The Uptown @ Farrer is one such condominium project in line at Farrer Low Keng Huat on the Perumal Road in Singapore, ready to be ripped off by global estate giants , once ready.

Uptown @ Farrer Near to Farrer Park MRT Station

What’s more, this upcoming Uptown @ Farrer project is a blueprint of an insightful erection on a handpicked piece of land that directly connects to the city center. Right in the center of the Farrer Park next to MRT station, this envisioned towering stalwart will be a strategic access point to the main city attractions on one side and the Orchard area on the other. With an estimated tenure of 99 years leasehold development, this project walks an extra mile to get all your urban lifestyle needs covered and keep you on top of amenities and facilities that are truly a class-apart.

Uptown @ Farrer Near to Heritage Sites and Healthcare Systems

This top notch project also takes the next level approach to turn your every investment yielding by giving you a seamless access to the promising heritage sites, commercial structures, markets, healthcare, stadium, eateries, malls, playgrounds, and, hand down, the most prominent academia in the town. Also, a wide range of facilities of the Uptown @ Farrer will keep you close to your most basic and the most upstream lifestyle needs.

Following are the 10 most entertaining facilities in store for every investor of this project….
1> Club house,
2> Guard House,
3> Function Hall,
4> Indoor Gym,
5> Recreational Rooms,
6> Swimming Pool,
7> Sun bathing Deck
8> BBQ Pits,
9> Playground for children ,
10> Bay windows and padded seats in the apartments.

Uptown Condo by Low Keng Huat Limited

Interestingly enough, this project stands today on a property purchased for $174.08 million by the Low Keng Huat Limited. It has definitely bargained the major share of the hallmark to introduce an end-to-end technology and service solution custom tailored to fit the bespoke requirements of its potential target segment of all sizes.

With a good many commercial amenities already occupying the first floor of the Uptown @ Farrer, the Low Keng Huat Limited is currently boasting to have been working on a total of 190 units approximately. Moreover, this project is reportedly unfolding attractive bid options for its investors and buyers keeping an eye to the quality of facilities and the next level indulgence in entertainments and lifestyle, conveniences this project brings with it.

Finally, there is barely a doubt that this project will fetch a huge responsive crowd of consumers for its world class facilities, seamless convenience, great location insights, and the fastest transportation through its connection to the MRT Station, still the best way to cover many distances of the country.

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