Hwa Chong Junior College and National Junior College Close to Fourth Avenue Residences

At this place, you will get several amenities which include shopping malls and schools. In shorts, the Fourth Avenue Residence is an amazing place that will bring happiness to you and your family. As mentioned early, the Fourth Avenue Residences has many shopping malls like the Beauty World Centre. At this mall, you will get different businesses that sell different things. At this place too, you will get even banks and education facilities that sell educational materials.

Fourth Avenue Residences Near to Beauty World Centre

Apart from the Beauty World Centre, you will get to Bukit Timah shopping center which has several stores, and it can be a good place for you to relax when you are tired. It is a good place that has all that you may want to buy. Aside from those shopping centers, Fourth Avenue Residences Bukit Timah have one main bus service station which is called the Fourth Avenue Residence MRT station. The service station connects the Fourth Avenue Residence and the Downtown line.

Hwa Chong Junior College and National Junior College Close to Fourth Avenue Residences

For you and your schooling kids near to Fourth Avenue Residences, there are several schools that will help you out. Some of the amazing schools that are near this place include, Hwa Chong Junior College, National Junior College, Nanyang Girls high school and the famous Hwa Chong Institution. So if you have schooling kids, worry not because the place is well made for them. You can also gain a lot if you are planning to further your studies. In this 99 years leasehold development, you will get a modern life which is full of entertainment. For instance, your kids will have wide playing ground and BBQ pits for their free time.

If you like outdoor activities, you will get an indoor gym, swimming pool and basking places where you can pass your time at Fourth Avenue Residences. That means that the Fourth Avenue Residences is good for all people of all ages. From the old to the young, this amazing project will cater to them. If you plan to live at this, just know that there is a lot waiting for you.

The Chinese High School Near to Fourth Avenue Residences Singapore

This high school was founded in 1919 by a person called Tan Kah Kee. It was the first Higher Education Chinese School all over Southern Asia at that time, having enrolled only 78 pupils. It accepted groups from overseas, and after six years, the school relocated to the Bukit Timah Campus.

Tan Kah Kee continued supporting, and shortly before the World War Two, Tan stopped funding the school. His son-in-law, Lee Kong Chian took over in 1934 and rose to chairman of the school board, a post he held until 1955. This school remained independent until the year 2004.

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