Piermont Grand CDL Development

The fact that Piermont Grand is located in an already developed vicinity and is served with established shopping centres and schools makes it very lucrative for any potential buyer. The surrounding is serene with all the facilities tailor-made to match most of the modern family needs.

It has one of the unique family environments with most of the facilities to be enjoyed made very easy to reach when visiting Piermont Grand. Good transport connection makes it possible for the parents who live within Piermont Grand to take and pick children to different schools. Kids also get enough time to relax since most of the schools are just stone throw away and only takes a few minutes.

Piermont Grand CDL Development

Even with great competition experienced during the tendering process, CDL managed to take the development. Piermont Grand attracted a total of seventeen potential developers when it was launched for the public tender. This was an automatic indication of the great potential that it had and the unique investment opportunity that it had. Areas such as Sumang Walk which had ready buyers waiting were some of the reasons the increased development interest by different parties.

Piermont Grand TID Residential and CDL

Piermont Grand was finally taken as a joint venture between TID and CDL which was a guarantee for a great transformation. Their move to develop EC units along Punggol was positively received since for a long time such development hadn’t been seen in the area and buyers were eagerly waiting. Since the digital district will be within the location of Piermont Grand with more amenities expected from the government, it’s likely to receive a quick and steady growth.

Piermont Grand EC Located in Punggol

All the needs of the residents and visitors coming to Piermont Grand have been perfectly met after the establishment of the many facilities to add to the entertainment. The good transport system that has been developed within the vicinity of Piermont Grand also comes to boost on those coming to the site. The EC units that will be developed have already shown great potential as they are likely to attract high numbers of buyers.

The structure of Piermont Grand is set to be completed with some of the best facilities within its surrounding. It forms an ideal environment for family out where all the family members can be accommodated. You don’t have to struggle when it comes to getting a serene lifestyle in your surrounding as you can get all that you need from Piermont Grand.