Piermont Grand CDL Development

The fact that Piermont Grand is located in an already developed vicinity and is served with established shopping centres and schools makes it very lucrative for any potential buyer. The surrounding is serene with all the facilities tailor-made to match most of the modern family needs.

It has one of the unique family environments with most of the facilities to be enjoyed made very easy to reach when visiting Piermont Grand. Good transport connection makes it possible for the parents who live within Piermont Grand to take and pick children to different schools. Kids also get enough time to relax since most of the schools are just stone throw away and only takes a few minutes.

Piermont Grand CDL Development

Even with great competition experienced during the tendering process, CDL managed to take the development. Piermont Grand attracted a total of seventeen potential developers when it was launched for the public tender. This was an automatic indication of the great potential that it had and the unique investment opportunity that it had. Areas such as Sumang Walk which had ready buyers waiting were some of the reasons the increased development interest by different parties.

Piermont Grand TID Residential and CDL

Piermont Grand was finally taken as a joint venture between TID and CDL which was a guarantee for a great transformation. Their move to develop EC units along Punggol was positively received since for a long time such development hadn’t been seen in the area and buyers were eagerly waiting. Since the digital district will be within the location of Piermont Grand with more amenities expected from the government, it’s likely to receive a quick and steady growth.

Piermont Grand EC Located in Punggol

All the needs of the residents and visitors coming to Piermont Grand have been perfectly met after the establishment of the many facilities to add to the entertainment. The good transport system that has been developed within the vicinity of Piermont Grand also comes to boost on those coming to the site. The EC units that will be developed have already shown great potential as they are likely to attract high numbers of buyers.

The structure of Piermont Grand is set to be completed with some of the best facilities within its surrounding. It forms an ideal environment for family out where all the family members can be accommodated. You don’t have to struggle when it comes to getting a serene lifestyle in your surrounding as you can get all that you need from Piermont Grand.

Riviere Condo Great World City Clarke Quay Central

It’s a new development sitting next to Singapore River and other amenities found at Clarke Quay. It’s a property developed by Frasers Property. The property is located a few meters away from iconic shopping malls and other amenities.It’s a promising living place with a serene and unique lifestyle at the city center. Riviere has unique and top quality facilities among them function room, clubhouse, guard house, indoor gym, swimming pool, children playground, BBQ pits, Sundeck, too many to mention.

Riviere Condo Near to Shopping Centres such as Great World City

Facilities found in Riviere Great World City offers mind blowing entertainment to all family members and loved ones. The lifestyle next to Singapore River is quite serene and tranquil making the place worth living. Riviere condo is at the center of iconic shopping malls. Shopping centers around the development are really many. They are stocked with a range of products thus giving the residents an outstanding and unique shopping experience as they go shopping their everyday needs. Riviere is located at Great World City MRT Station that has direct frontage of the Singapore River. The developer for Riviere is Frasers Property and is located near to Clarke Quay Centre shopping centre.

Riviere Shopping Centres Clarke Quay Central

They home restaurants, supermarkets, fashions centers, cinema houses among others. They have played a significant role in improving residents livelihood since they don’t travel far distances to shop. Some of the iconic malls where residents go shopping include Central Clarke Quay, Liang Court as well as Great World City.

Riviere Near to Schools and Great World City MRT Station

Living in a neighborhood which its vicinity has schools, is one of the key factors to consider when looking for a settlement place. Those parent living in Riviere are among the lucky. There is the proximity of elite schools next to their homes. This help in eliminating time wasting since children will walk safely to school. Again, parents don’t waste time taking and picking children. This helps them spend their valuable time in most promising activities. Among the elite schools located next to the Riviere are Alexandra, River Valley, Bukit Hoswee primary schools as well as Outram Crest secondary schools. Other schools include LASALE college, Gan Eng School, ISS International school among others.

Accessing Riviere is quite easy. It’s accessed via Great World MRT Station found on Thomson East CoastLine Singapore River. For those taking buses, countless buses operate in Zion Road, Kim Seng Road as well as River Valley Road. The condo is also found a few meters away from Fort Canning Park which offers so many outdoor activities to families where they can have fun and have quality time together. If you’ve not yet owned a unit at Riviere, then you’re missing a unique and wonderful lifestyle at the core heart of the Singapore River. Don’t hesitate, take a bold step to own a unit there and join the elites club.

Fraser Residence Promenade Near to Great World City Frasers Property

This new development project is located at the heart of Singapore River by a famous property developer in Singapore, Fraser Property. This residence is a property sitting at the city center next to Great World City MRT Station. It’s next to a variety of amenities as well as shopping centers. Also, there are exotic pubs and eateries along Singapore, giving residents a unique and truly cosmopolitan lifestyle at Fraser Residence Promenade.

Fraser Residence Promenade Great World City

This residence has been many people’s choice due to its outstanding and modern facilities , including function house, tennis court, indoor gym, club house, Swimming pool, guard house, children playgrounds among many other facilities. Due to this, family members are always entertained in a more organized and constructive way.

Shopping Centers Established Near Fraser Residence Promenade
Fraser Residence Promenade residents are among the lucky Singaporeans. The residence is sited at the middle of most famous shopping centers in Singapore offering residents unique shopping experience in a walking distance from the residence. Some of them are:

• Great World City
It’s an iconic shopping center comprising shops, fringes, restaurant, offices, and many others. It’s meters away from Fraser Residence Promenade. It houses a wide range of fashions collections, eateries, cinema houses, groceries, supermarkets among others.

• Liang Court
It’s a modern shopping center most famous among the youths and sits next to River Singapore. It’s in a strategic location meters away from Fraser Residence Promenade making it ideal shopping center for the residents.

Fraser Residence Promenade Near to Shopping Centres

It homes decent pubs, awesome eateries near to  Fraser Residence Promenade as well as top-rated dining centers meters away from the Singapore River edges. It’s hassle-free to access this residence. It’s next to Great World City MRT station as well as Havelock MRT Station.

At the same time, those preferring bus services, there are numerous buses plying along Kim Seng Road, Havelock Road as well as River Valley Road. Central Expressway is also meters away from Fraser residence promenade. Due to this composition of various transportation networks, this residence is accessed in a most convenient way of making the flow of human capital in the area increase tremendously.

Fraser Residence Promenade Near to Singapore River

The Fraser Residence promenade is among the residences that boast of being at the heart of elite schools in Singapore. The number of schools in the region is countless, giving parents a chance to independently choose the school to educate their children. These schools are meters away meaning, children don’t have to travel long distances going to and from school. This allows them to have much time their academics and resting after classes.

Some of these elite schools include River Valley primary , Gan Eng Seng Secondary, as well as Alexandra primary schools. In fact, this residence has countless features that make it the best ever living place. Also in place are restaurants, country clubs just naming a few. To wrap it all, you’re really missing a decent lifestyle if you have not yet owned a unit at Fraser Residence Promenade. Own your unit there and join the elite club for the betterment of your life.

The Clematis SingHaiYi Group Close to Clementi Mall

The Clematis is a new freehold integrated real estate development located in Clementi Central in west Singapore. The condominium which is available for lease was a former Park West project which was made an enbloc for the third time by the Sing-Haiyi Group. The Park West is a large development in the range of mature estate located in Clementi. Therefore, it boasts lots of amenities for new owners so far.

The Clematis SingHaiYi Group 99 Years Leasehold Development

The SingHaiYi Group are planning to extend the lease up to a 99-year leasehold development. Furthermore, plans for The Clematis SingHaiYi Group are ongoing about building an upscale development among the matured estate in Clementi.

The Clematis features unique facilities which include a clubhouse, guard house, function room, tennis court, indoor gym, swimming pool, BBQ pits, children playground and a sun deck. The facilities in the condominium makes it family-friendly. Families have the opportunity to indulge in entertaining activities in a tranquil environment right in the center of Clementi. The condo’s facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones.

The Clematis Located Near to Clementi Mall and Courts Superstore

The Clematis is strategically situated in a vicinity where there are a host of shopping centers and other important landmarks. Some of these nearby shopping centers are the 321 Shopping Mall, Clementi Mall and Courts Superstore. The MRT Station is just within few minutes walk distance from the condo. In addition, for homeowners who would be taking buses, there are usually buses for transit along the Jalan Lempang and the Avenue 6.

Schools Near To The Clematis as well as Country Clubs

The development is near to elite secondary schools colleges, polytechnics and universities. Located in Clementi and close to Bukit Timit, the condo is also nearby to popular country clubs where new people can be met and business ideas can be exchanged. Some of these prestigious country clubs are Hollandse Club, Temasek Club, Warren Golf and Country Club, British Club, Arena Club, Singapore Island Club, Swiss Club and lots more. When you move to Clementi, these clubs are veritable centers where new contacts and a network of friends can be built.

When acquired by new owners, the developers are promising them furnishing of the units without extra cost. Some of these furnishings will include kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, air-conditioners and the flooring. Sofas, televisions, dining tables, coffee tables, wall papers and others are not included in the furnishing plan. Conclusively, the Clematis promises unique lifestyle and family experience for investors.

The Gazania SingHaiyi Group and Huajiang International

The SingHaiyi Group is a reputable real estate firm in Singapore that specializes in property development and investment. It also has interests in other countries as well including the US, Australia, and Malaysia. Currently, this Group is working on a massive project in Bartley, Singapore. Huajiang International is its principal partner on this project. Gordon and Serena Tang own Huajiang International. Gordon hails from Guangdong, China. Then he moved to Singapore in the 1990s. Later, he became a permanent resident. Today, his family is helping build some of the most iconic real estate properties in Singapore. One of them is this massive development known as the Gazania Project.

The Gazania SingHaiyi Group and Huajiang International

The Gazania Condo which is a 50/50 collaboration between the SingHaiyi Group and Huajiang International, stands on 146, 046 square feet. It will house more than 190 units, and nearly 45% of them will be condominiums. These condominiums will be suitable for luxury living including plenty of natural sunlight in their rooms in addition to exquisite finishes. Indoor gyms, clubhouses, and functions rooms will make up part of the other units. It is worth noting that the gross floor area will be 204, 464 square feet. That means there will be more to this development than the building. For example, there will be a tennis court, swimming pool, barbecue area, and a children’s playground among other amenities.

The Gazania How Sum Drive Bartley MRT Station

You can find it at How Sun Drive. It lies next to the Bartley MRT Station. This underground MRT station serves Bidadari estate and Serangoon Avenue 1 next to The Gazania SingHaiYi Group. It means that moving around these areas will be an easy task for you if you lived in one of Gazania’s condominiums. Buses are also available along Upper Lebar Road, Upper Serangoon Road, and Bartley Road.

The Gazania Near to Primary and Secondary Schools

The Gazania Project is near some of the best schools in Singapore. They include Maris Stella High School, Paya Lebar Methodist’s Girl School, and St. Gabriel’s Secondary School. That means your kids would have access to excellent schools to help them grow in wisdom and character. Shopping malls are also close by including the Heartland Mall, Poiz Centre, and NEX Shopping Centre.

Purchasing one of these properties is an excellent idea. Doing so would give you access to some of the most luxurious condominiums in Singapore. You would be living in an area that lies close to critical transport facilities in addition to schools and shopping malls. In essence, life for you would be convenient if you lived in one of these condominiums. Purchase one of them today.

Uptown @ Farrer Near to Healthcare Systems Low Keng Huat

With the current estate development-epidemic taking the world by storm, new estate development projects are rapidly gaining ground like never before. The Uptown @ Farrer is one such condominium project in line at Farrer Low Keng Huat on the Perumal Road in Singapore, ready to be ripped off by global estate giants , once ready.

Uptown @ Farrer Near to Farrer Park MRT Station

What’s more, this upcoming Uptown @ Farrer project is a blueprint of an insightful erection on a handpicked piece of land that directly connects to the city center. Right in the center of the Farrer Park next to MRT station, this envisioned towering stalwart will be a strategic access point to the main city attractions on one side and the Orchard area on the other. With an estimated tenure of 99 years leasehold development, this project walks an extra mile to get all your urban lifestyle needs covered and keep you on top of amenities and facilities that are truly a class-apart.

Uptown @ Farrer Near to Heritage Sites and Healthcare Systems

This top notch project also takes the next level approach to turn your every investment yielding by giving you a seamless access to the promising heritage sites, commercial structures, markets, healthcare, stadium, eateries, malls, playgrounds, and, hand down, the most prominent academia in the town. Also, a wide range of facilities of the Uptown @ Farrer will keep you close to your most basic and the most upstream lifestyle needs.

Following are the 10 most entertaining facilities in store for every investor of this project….
1> Club house,
2> Guard House,
3> Function Hall,
4> Indoor Gym,
5> Recreational Rooms,
6> Swimming Pool,
7> Sun bathing Deck
8> BBQ Pits,
9> Playground for children ,
10> Bay windows and padded seats in the apartments.

Uptown Condo by Low Keng Huat Limited

Interestingly enough, this project stands today on a property purchased for $174.08 million by the Low Keng Huat Limited. It has definitely bargained the major share of the hallmark to introduce an end-to-end technology and service solution custom tailored to fit the bespoke requirements of its potential target segment of all sizes.

With a good many commercial amenities already occupying the first floor of the Uptown @ Farrer, the Low Keng Huat Limited is currently boasting to have been working on a total of 190 units approximately. Moreover, this project is reportedly unfolding attractive bid options for its investors and buyers keeping an eye to the quality of facilities and the next level indulgence in entertainments and lifestyle, conveniences this project brings with it.

Finally, there is barely a doubt that this project will fetch a huge responsive crowd of consumers for its world class facilities, seamless convenience, great location insights, and the fastest transportation through its connection to the MRT Station, still the best way to cover many distances of the country.

Hwa Chong Junior College and National Junior College Close to Fourth Avenue Residences

At this place, you will get several amenities which include shopping malls and schools. In shorts, the Fourth Avenue Residence is an amazing place that will bring happiness to you and your family. As mentioned early, the Fourth Avenue Residences has many shopping malls like the Beauty World Centre. At this mall, you will get different businesses that sell different things. At this place too, you will get even banks and education facilities that sell educational materials.

Fourth Avenue Residences Near to Beauty World Centre

Apart from the Beauty World Centre, you will get to Bukit Timah shopping center which has several stores, and it can be a good place for you to relax when you are tired. It is a good place that has all that you may want to buy. Aside from those shopping centers, Fourth Avenue Residences Bukit Timah have one main bus service station which is called the Fourth Avenue Residence MRT station. The service station connects the Fourth Avenue Residence and the Downtown line.

Hwa Chong Junior College and National Junior College Close to Fourth Avenue Residences

For you and your schooling kids near to Fourth Avenue Residences, there are several schools that will help you out. Some of the amazing schools that are near this place include, Hwa Chong Junior College, National Junior College, Nanyang Girls high school and the famous Hwa Chong Institution. So if you have schooling kids, worry not because the place is well made for them. You can also gain a lot if you are planning to further your studies. In this 99 years leasehold development, you will get a modern life which is full of entertainment. For instance, your kids will have wide playing ground and BBQ pits for their free time.

If you like outdoor activities, you will get an indoor gym, swimming pool and basking places where you can pass your time at Fourth Avenue Residences. That means that the Fourth Avenue Residences is good for all people of all ages. From the old to the young, this amazing project will cater to them. If you plan to live at this, just know that there is a lot waiting for you.

The Chinese High School Near to Fourth Avenue Residences Singapore

This high school was founded in 1919 by a person called Tan Kah Kee. It was the first Higher Education Chinese School all over Southern Asia at that time, having enrolled only 78 pupils. It accepted groups from overseas, and after six years, the school relocated to the Bukit Timah Campus.

Tan Kah Kee continued supporting, and shortly before the World War Two, Tan stopped funding the school. His son-in-law, Lee Kong Chian took over in 1934 and rose to chairman of the school board, a post he held until 1955. This school remained independent until the year 2004.

Parc Esta Former Eunosville Enbloc by MCL Land

Formerly the Eunosville-HUDC Bloc, Parc Esta is a new development found in Sims Avenue, in Singapore’s District 14. The 99-year leasehold developed whose developer is MCL Land will approximately contain 1399 units.

This unique condominium whose frontage slips into the Changi Road sits on a prime land and it features facilities such as a 50 meter swimming pool, a club house, an indoor gym, a guard house, function room, sun deck, BBQ pits, tennis court and children’ playground. The condo’s unique facilities will sufficiently cater for the entertainment needs of your family and friends.

Former Eunosville HUDC Enbloc Eunos MRT Station

Parc Esta is strategically located within the vicinity of many shopping centers including the Paya Lebar Square, the renowned Geylang-Serai Market, and Food Center, One KM Mall, among others. The condo is also found close to the East Coast Park where residents are guaranteed to find numerous social and outdoor activities.

The Geylang-Serai is an iconic market place where Parc Esta residents will find many authentic and mouthwatering Malay foods including the Mee Soto, Goreng Pisang, the Hainanese coffee and Nasi Rawon. This development is designed and build using the Malay-Minangkabau roof design. There is also a traditional wet-market which is found on the ground floor. Geylang-Serai Market has a 24-hour food court as well as other retail outlets which include bakeries, goldsmiths and provision shops.

Eunosville MRT Station Parc Esta

Residents of this condominium don’t need to worry about the transport system because this new development is located close to the Eunos MRT Station which is found along the East-West Line. This MRT station also serves residents of Telok Kurau, Joo Chiat, and the Eunos Estate. The Eunos Bus Interchange is another transport system which offers a convenient transport hub for the residents.

For individuals who prefer to use the public transport system, there are multiple buses which are available along the Changi Road and Sims Avenue all which are just a couple of minutes from this condo. Residents traveling to other parts of the city should be aware that Parc Esta is found close to the Pan Island Expressway and it is a few minutes away from the Central Expressway.

Parc Esta Eunosville HUDC Enbloc

For residents with school going children, Parc Esta is located near elite schools like the Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Eunos Primary School, the OSAC International College, Haig Girls’ School among others. A wonderful, serene and unique lifestyle awaits you at the Parc Esta condo right inside the heart of Eunos.

The Tre Ver UOL Group Potong Pasir Avenue 1

The third grandest collective sale of property of 2016- The Raintree Gardens in Potong Pasir was sold for $334.2 million dollars after being bid for by five plus developers. Its first public tender got launched on the very first day of September, 2016. The reserve price of the estate was $315 million dollars. Yet the deal was sealed on October 6th, 2016 for a way higher cost after 80 percent of the workers agreed. The plot was first privatised in July 2014. Many owners who had privatised back then acquired almost around $1.9 million each!

The Tre Ver by UVD Projects UOL Group Limited

Among the top three bidders for the plush estate for Tre Ver, the winner was the UVD project, result of the joining hands of the UOL group and United Industrial Corporation. The deputy group chief of UOL, Mr. Liam Wee Sin, stated his virtuous motive behind chasing this HUDC estate. The UOL group had looked forward to “ride” on the Bidadari site. While UVD was looking forward to develop the 201,405 square feet land to house almost 750 units! In total, the venture of the two developers had come up with the plan of paying about $797 per square feet per plot ratio, including the paid premium for topping up the leash to a fresh 99 years period. The gross plot ratio for re-development of the site was 2.8.

The Tre Ver Condo by UOL Development Singapore

The director of R’ST Research, Mr. Ong Kah Seng, had prophesied the tug on the Potong Pasir area for Tre Ver UOL Group. He looked to the price of the estate as realistic even if it was a bit high. He called the costing- “price bearing a little optimism.” He had also predicted that with such a comeback of collective sales, developers will eagerly chase sites at the periphery of the city. Yet on the basis of the preference of few developers for government sites, Mr. Desmond Sim, CBRE’s research head encouraged people to form collective sales committees, keeping in mind about the benefit of location of any site.

As for the Raintree Gardens, it can be called a sheer work of luck. The committee for Tre Ver Raintree Gardens admits itself as a beginner and confess that they were quite surprised at the response of the developers. They were quite astonished to see so many renowned groups combating for the estate. It is evident that the location of the plot was prime and exquisite.

The Tre Ver Potong Pasir Avenue 1 Singapore

The leading two estates of that year were Shunfu Ville, sold for a mega cost of $638 million in May, the other was the Harbour view Gardens in August, sold for $33.25 million. The Shufnu Ville and Raintree Gardens were brokered by JLL.

This article compacts and brings forth to you the expert’s views, the grand exchange of digits, the top developers and the charming luck of an estate that had a total cost of $105 million in the 90’s. This deal marked the grand return of collective sales in the recent market. Real estate broking, dealing and exchange is a dicey matter of opportunity and even if the plot is small it might turn out to be a game changer due to its key location or a tint of luck, as in the surprising case of The Raintree Gardens.


The Garden Residences Awards by Keppel Land and Wing Tai Holdings

The Garden Residences is the latest development by Keppel Land and Wing Tai Holdings, who submitted the highest bid of $446.28 million for a prime piece of land. The project is located in the center of Serangoon and the fact that many developers have bought into the idea shows their confidence in the location, which is near the future Bidadari Estate. There are many design and colour awards for The Garden Residences by Keppel Land and Wing Tai Holdings. The acquisition was made through the Reserve List system as part of the Government Land Sales Programme and the Corson and Winjoy Investment, which are subsidiaries of the development’s main contractor.

The Colour Awards for The Garden Residences

The Garden Residences will be constructed on 15 Serangoon North Avenue 1, Singapore 555888. It’s a 99-year leasehold development in District 19 and the site area covers 184,954 square feet. There will be approximately 505 units with each unit occupying 462,389 square feet. The number of blocks and storeys will be communicated later on as the project continues. When you check out the site plan, The Garden Residences occupies a regular plot of land in a private residential enclave. The developers put a lot of thought into the project to boost each condo’s view and also incorporate more amenities for the future residents. There are many awards for The Garden Residences and Wing Tai Holdings. These are developments by The Garden Residences and therefore have awards for colours as well as designs.

Awards for Garden Residences Keppel Land Wing Tai Holdings

Being centrally located, the project is in a wonderful school district, and Rosyth School is a prestigious learning institution with dedicated teachers and a visionary principal. Other schools in the area include CHIJ Our-Lady of Good Counsel, Hougang Primary School, Jing-Shan Primary School, Townsville Primary School, Xinmin Primary School, and Zhonghua Primary School.

Future occupants of The Garden Residences can expect to enjoy a full array of amenities, including a large swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, children’s playground, and a barbecue area. You can, therefore, expect to live a luxurious lifestyle available only in truly luxurious world-class resorts. Other amenities near the building project include the Mass Rapid Transit stations of Chuan and Kovan, which are approximately 1.9 km away. You can enjoy shopping at nearby shopping malls, including the Amk Hub, Heartland Mall, Nex Serangoon, Hougang-1 Shopping Centre, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, and the Chomp-Chomp Food Centre.

The Garden Residences Wing Tai Holdings and Keppel Land

There are various floor plans available and they are suitable to your family requirements. The project will comprise of units boasting 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. These units will be of two types; the first type will face Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 while the other one will face Boundary Road. And if you wish to enjoy a panoramic view, you should consider buying a unit on the 6th floor and above.

Financial analysts estimate that the average price of each housing units will range from $1,500-$1,600 per square foot. If you’d like to learn more about the project, you can register for a VVIP preview. Registering also allows you to receive a copy of the floor plans, a brochure, pricing, and the latest updates concerning The Garden Residences. Registration is also very important because you will receive a discount as a registered buyer. Most importantly, you will have the first pick when it comes to choosing the units.